Clay in school

Clay in school?
Ateliernoord likes to work together on a special art project,
or a series of ceramics workshops for in school or after-schools.

for who?
Primary Education group 3-8
Secondary Education classes 1-3
Special education

learning ceramic techniques sculpting, glazing and firing
made to measure, develop expression and special wishes of the school

help & advice
Ateliernoord offers assistance with applying for subsidies, gives advice on the design of a ceramic workshop, guidance and coaching of teachers.

experience and background
After the teacher training (Crafts / Textiles) Zamira has specialized in Ceramics at the Rietveld Academy.
In Ateliernoord lessons and workshops are given to children and adults. Zamira has educational experience
gained in secondary education where she taught and worked as a culture coordinator. RESUME Zamira Jonker

examples of workshops, lessons and coaching
Het Zuiderlicht College Amsterdam invested in an oven. Teachers were helped with the set-up of the ceramics workshop. This is done with the help of a Learning Lines Lab grant via MOCCA. Participating students received a certificate for their skills. Parents were invited to admire the artworks created. Ceramics are now included in the BEVO programme.

In the first year, students receive 4 ceramics lessons. In the MasterKunstKlas the students can choose 3 ceramic lessons during a carousel of creative lessons.

VMBO Hogelant started with ceramics as talent development. During the summer holidays, workshops were given during a Summerjam week. Subsequently, students of the lower years received 7 ceramics lessons.

At the Framer Framed Foundation, young people in the Molenwijk took part in a ceramics workshop and made treasure chests out of clay together. The workshop over the weekend was part of several meetings where the young people were coached about their future ideas. 

At De Brede school Dalton Spaarndammerhout ceramics is offered as an after-school activity. The school has included ceramics in the Visual Education curriculum and has purchased an oven. Per period, the students can opt for 8-10 ceramics lessons.

For an exploratory interview, call or make an appointment to discuss what is possible at the school with clay and ceramics.

"I have learned many new things, smoothing clay and glazing. Ceramic is fun!"
"I had a great time and want to continue with art and ceramics."
"I enjoyed sculpting and glazing."