For 20 years we have been celebrating hundreds of parties in a "gezellige" and professional workspace where everything is possible and allowed


You are very welcome to come and celebrate your company party in Atelier Noord. Many satisfied companies preceded you.

At a birthday party, family workshop or student party, socializing is the key.

Bachelors, bachelorettes and friends come to the studio for a creative bachelor party.

Do you want to learn techniques such as turning clay on a potters wheel, casting clay, modeling, building with plates and glazes? Then you are welcome at a course.

Glazing workshops:
Have you already made beautiful things during a workshop at Atelier Noord and do you also want to paint with color? Then book one of the glazing workshops.

Family workshop:
In this workshop (grand) mothers / fathers and (grand) son / daughters can pottery together! For parent & child it is nice to be creative together. 


Celebrate your children’s party in Atelier Noord!
Are you creative and love clay? Then a ceramics course is for you.

Children come together with their parents / grandparent for a family workshop.